I offer a wide range of fun, energizing leadership development workshops for groups of 10-16 women and non-binary folks. These workshops work well in a range of venues including corporate settings, lab group meetings, and conference breakout sessions.

Examples of workshops I offer:

Navigating the double bind

Traditionally, while a man forcefully advocating for his views is called a confident leader, a woman doing so is called something very different. Assertive women tend not to be seen as likeable or team players, but quiet women's ideas tend not to get a fair hearing. This double bind still exists in subtle and sometimes obvious ways. In this workshop, we explore the science behind the double bind and practice escaping it.


The science of gender and the imposter syndrome

Many of us have been there: smiling and nodding and all the while desperately worried that folks will find out that we are not as smart or as innovative or as whatever as they thought we were. It feels terrible. It is exhausting. And it stops us from doing our best work. In this workshop, we explore the causes of imposter syndrome and then turn to research that can help us banish that happiness-stealing demon and live our best lives.


Why do I have to prove it again?

Scientific research shows that in jobs that have traditionally been held by men, for example engineers and scientists, men tend to be presumed competent while women must prove themselves over and over again. Prove-it-again bias is challenging because individual women have little power to change it. What we can do is develop and practice strategies for dealing with it in ways that protect our time, energy, and well-being.


But I just said that! Speaking your piece and getting credit for your work

Do you get interrupted or talked over in meetings? Have you ever made a point that no one seemed to notice only to have a man repeat what you said and get credit for his great idea? This feels bad, is a barrier to your career advancement, and blocks you from making an impact on your organization. In this workshop we practice evidence-based strategies for being heard and building respectful group norms.

How it works

I currently conduct these workshops on Zoom. However, I would be happy to discuss the possibility of in-person workshops.



  • An 80-minute workshop on a single topic is $1000.

  • A 3  1/2-hour workshop that covers any three of these topics is $2500.

I'm happy to chat with you and answer your questions.